Festivals are the carriers of peace and joy in the communities. All nations of the world have certain religious and cultural festivals. We can divide the Indian festivals into national, religious and seasonal. The National festivals include Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and more. These festivals are celebrated all over India. The religious festivals are one of the most famous festivals not only throughout India but over the world. Some of the most prominent religious festivals are Diwali, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Christmas, Holi and many more. The particular regions of the country celebrate seasonal festivals.
These are some questions on various national festivals in India for Class 2 Children. Let them identify the festivals.


#1. Independence day is celebrated on

#2. The State festival and the harvest festival of kerala is

#3. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on

#4. The festival celebrated by Christians as the birth of Jesus Christ is

#5. Republic Day is celebrated on

#6. It is celebrated as a festival of victory of good over evil and is known as the “Festival of Lights”. Which one?

#7. Which is the festival that is celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion?

#8. Which festival is popularly known as the “Festival of Colours” in India? This festival marks the onset of the spring season in the country.

#9. The festival which marks the end of Navratri and Durga Pooja in India is

#10. This is celebrated in honour of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. It symbolizes the overcoming of ignorance and darkness in life.